Ipswich Bike Service
    Gold Service Is Go!

    Recommended at least one a year to ensure your bike is safe and working to it's full potential.

    Gold includes a full strip down, clean and rebuild with new parts as required.

    What's Included

    • Full frame stripdown & rebuild
    • Seatpost clean/refit
    • Cockpit check and torque
    • Drivetrain removal & clean
    • Wheels trued in jig
    • Bottom bracket removed and refitted
    • Hub service
    • Headset service
    • Gear service
    • Brake service
    • Tyre inspection
    • Inflate Tyres
    • Full bike clean, wax and polish
    • As new with one free safety check


    Price excludes parts.


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    Pedal Power Cycles
    34 Anson Road 
    Martlesham Heath 
    IP5 3RG

    [email protected]
    01473 610500


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    Sun closed

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