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    Why Bike Fit?

    If you suffer from numb hands or toes, knee pain, lower back ache, shoulder tension or any other aches and pains on or after a ride bike, chances are it's due to improper bike fit

    In the glow of a new bike a proper bike fit is one of the most commonly forgotten steps but it is the most important one. If you want to improve your riding and pain-free it's crucial you get fitted to a new bike, and then maintain that fit as your body and riding style adapts with regular refits.

    Everyone is different. Some have short legs, some short torsos. Some struggle to reach their bars some struggle reach the brakes. Some people pedal a little bit differently to others and some have one leg shorter than the other and never knew it! Regardless, with our professional help comfort on the bike is achievable.

    Likewise injuries influence how your bike should be set. It's good then that bikes are very adaptable with every part you touch on your bike being adjustable or easy to changed, altered or moved to fit you better. With our Shimano powered bike fit we can ensure a glove like fit between you and your bike.

    About Our Bike Fit

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    At Pedal Power Ipswich we believe the fit is the most important part of your road bike purchase. A professional bike fit eliminates bad posture, increases comfort and improves performance.

    We use Shimano’s technical equipment to ensure the very best results from your fitting experience.

    Our Shimano trained fitters offer you the same level of biometric and mechanical support as some of the best professional riders in the peloton.

    As used by Team SKY, BMC Racing, Cannondale Drapac Pro Cycling Team, Team Dimension Data and many more.

    Enhance overall comfort
    Prevent new injuries
    Protect old injuries
    Eliminate saddle discomfort
    Eliminating pain and numbness

    Eliminating discomfort
    Reduce rider fatigue
    Improve efficiency
    Increase performance
    Advance experience

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    Bike Fit menu

    Cleat Fit

    Fitting and setting up your shoe cleats correctly is vital to power transfers and avoiding repetitive knee & hip injury.

    Take the risk and guesswork out of the process with a Cleat Fit

    Bronze Service

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    Full Bike Fit

    A professional bike fit is the only way to Improve comfort, reduce the chance of injury and increase output.

    Our Shimano powered fit system will ensure the perfect position.

    Silver Service


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    2nd Bike Fit

    Already had a bike fit but need the position tweaked? Have a 2nd bike or bought a new one?

    Our 2nd bike fit ensures a perfect fit across your stable of bikes.

    Gold Service

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