About Us

    About Us

    Covering over 3000sq ft, at any time we usually have over 100 bikes on display ranging in price from £250 to the skies the limit!

    We have a large mountain and road bike area, with a full range of bikes from starter to race ready. In our Brompton section, you will find one of the largest selections of the world famous folding bikes outside of London.

    We have a dedicated bikefit area with the latest fitting equipment from Shimano and even an in-store cafe, where you can sip our fine coffee while deciding on your next purchase.

    To round things out we have some of the most passionate and experienced bikers you're ever likely to meet, all on hand to help make sure you get the right bike, at the right price; no matter if you're a newbie or a seasoned racer.

    Mark Reynolds
    Shimano Bike Fit Ipswich

    Owner and Pedal Power RT director. Likes two wheel sports and weekly visit to the local pub. Multiple British Cycle Speedway finalist

    Andy James
    Cycle repair workshop

    Head mechanic for Pedal Power Cycles and Pedal Power RT. Likes MTB and corny jokes. I am building my very own superbike.

    Liam Manser
    Bike Fitting Ipswich

    Mechanic, shop bike fitter, sales and Pedal Power RT rider. MTB expert turned road and crit racer. Former mountain bike junior champion

    About The Race Team"Pedal Power RT"

    At Pedal Power Cycles we take "local" very seriously, it's why in 2017 we developed a race team consisting of seven local riders.

    With full mechanical, nutritional and equipment support team riders Dougal, Liam, Josh, Ross, Gemma & James will compete this season at top amateur level.

    James Fletcher
    Pedal Power race team Ipswich

    47 years old and from Felixstowe. 3rd category and race team manager.

    Gemma Melton
    Pedal Power race team Ipswich

    25 years old and from Ipswich. Ranked 3rd in the Eastern Region and top three finisher throughout the 2016 season.

    Ross Fawcett
    Pedal Power race team Ipswich

    25 years old and from Woodbridge. 1st category winner of the Ipswich Spring Classic plus several other wins in the Eastern Region.

    Josh Aiken
    Pedal Power race team Ipswich

    Josh Aiken
    22 years old and from Needham Market. Top ten finisher in the 2016 season, ranked high in the GC at the Tour of Wales.

    Liam Manser
    Pedal Power race team Ipswich

    20 years old and from Ipswich. Former mountain bike junior champion. 2nd category racer

    Dougal Toms
    Pedal Power race team Ipswich

    17 years old and from Norfolk. Ranked 1st in the Eastern Road Race league Criterium and 2nd in the Eastern Road Race league 2016. Competed in the National Crit Champs.

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    Pedal Power Cycles
    36-38 Woodbridge Road
    St Andrew

    01473 610500


    Mon 9-5.30
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    Bike shop, bike fit and repairs Ipswich

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